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       Zhengzhou Huayu Technology Co., Ltd. is one of China’s leading architectural sealant manufacturers and supplier. We are a company with professional knowledge and rich experience in the fields of automotive sealants, electronic sealants, construction sealants, industrial sealants, new energy sealants, etc. Our advantage lies in the many years of production experience and team experience, can provide the best solutions to meet the customer requirement.        There are more than 300 products in eight series of Jiagu adhesives, which can be widely used in the bon...

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Industry classification of adhesive products

The main products of the company are glue for construction, glue for electronic appliances, glue for industry, glue for high-speed railway of automobile, glue for new energy photovoltaic.

  • Application of photovoltaic junction box and inverter potting glue

    silicone potting compound is a two-component, room temperature curing, condensation dealcohol type silicone potting material. Self-leveling, high and low temperature resistance, excellent aging resistance, insulation, moisture resistance and shock resistance. It is specially used for various potting and sealing of solar photovoltaic module junction boxes and inverters.

  • Application of solar photovoltaic module frame sealant

    It is specially used for solar photovoltaic module frame sealing and junction box bonding. HY595 silica gel has been used for many years in the field of solar photovoltaic module manufacturing. The product meets the special requirements of the photovoltaic industry for polymers: in line with the double 85 standard, high adhesion, UV resistance, yellowing resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof, hail impact resistance, insulation performance and long-term outdoor service life.

  • PV module junction box sealant application

    It is one component, room temperature curing, neutral silicone material. It has many good features such as high and low temperature resistance, excellent aging resistance, flexibility, insulation, moisture-proof, earthquake resistance, corona resistance and leakage resistance. The facade does not flow and can be bonded with steel, aluminum, glass, PVC, ABS, EVA and other materials.

  • Polyurethane automotive windshield adhesive application

    It has strong caulking ability and is widely used in welding and seam sealing of automobiles, passenger cars, vehicles, mechanical equipment, cold storage, containers, etc. For the assembly and repair of automobile windshields. Huayu series windshield glass adhesive is a one-component, room temperature moisture curing, polyurethane type adhesive, which has the characteristics of solvent-free, non-flowing, oil resistance, water resistance, salt spray resistance, aging resistance, vibration fatigue resistance, etc., and the curing speed is fast. , Easy construction and good paintability. High bonding strength with various materials such as glass, metal, and paint.

  • Body Sealant Application

    a one-component silane-modified polyether sealant, referred to as MS sealant. It is solvent-free, non-isocyanate-free, anti-pollution after curing, environmentally friendly, heat-resistant and anti-aging ability.Suitable for the sealing of automotive body joints and welds.

  • Automotive Weld Seam Sealant Application

    One-component modified polyvinyl chloride sealant, referred to as PVC sealant, has the advantages of no solvent, no isocyanate, anti-pollution after curing, green environmental protection, excellent heat resistance and anti-aging ability. It is suitable for seam sealing of automobile bodies, railway carriages, ships, etc.

  • The Russian Flint company delegation visited Ruilangda to deepen business cooperation

        From July 11 to 12, a cross-border business negotiation kicked off at Ruilangda. Representatives of the Russian Flint company traveled thousands o...

  • HY465 Polyurethane adhesive for auto glass

    HY465 polyurethane adhesive is high modulus, anti-pollution after curing, and is environmentally friendly

  • Encyclopedia of the use of silicone glass glue

    Silicone glass glue is a kind of silicone products. Silicone glass glue is divided into two types, one-component and two-component, mainly used for insulating glass sealing. Two-component silicone glass sealant is a room-temperature vulcanized two-component sealant with room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber 107 and methyl silicone oil 201 as the main agent and metal oxide as the vulcanizing agent. Weather resistance and UV resistance, high and low temperature resistance and aging resistance; high bonding strength; good adhesion to glass and aluminum alloys. Mainly used for insulating glass to seal the second seal. Next, the sealant manufacturer will introduce you to the use of silicone glass glue! Let's learn together!

  • R995 Weatherproof Silicone Structural Adhesive Application

    Our R995 is a one-component, neutral room temperature curing silicone sealant with high elasticity high modulus and high strength.

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